Plan ahead for a successful and efficient moving day!

Preparing to move involves much more than packing boxes. Completing important tasks ahead of your moving date will help make the process much smoother.

At least one month before your move:

Complete your change of address. You can obtain the forms from the Post Office or complete the form online at

Sort through your household items and determine what you will be taking to your new home.

Determine which services, such as packing and unpacking, you will need.

Inform us of any special circumstances, such as large numbers of stairs, narrow hallways and/or doorways, etc.

Time Saving and Safety Tips

Remove contents from desks, file cabinets and dresser drawers.

We can disassemble and reassemble your furniture for you. You will save time if you choose to do so yourself.

Children and pets should be supervised and kept away from the moving area.

Someone should be at your new destination to show the movers where items are to be placed.

Packing Tips

Boxes and newspaper are easy to come by and often are free of charge. A little extra searching can save you money on packaging.

Label boxes as completely as possible, including handling instructions and the final room destination in your new house.

Items should be packed in the appropriate size boxes. Heavy items such as tools, books, etc. should be packed in small boxes. Larger boxes should be used for items such as linens, toys, etc. Dish pack or china barrels are boxes specifically designed for china and crystal.

Glass, marble, pictures, etc. should be bubble wrapped and boxed.

Do not underpack or overpack.

All boxes should be taped, bottom and top.

When packing, be sure you have all medical records and prescriptions easily accessible in case of an emergency.